Lone Rooftop is a young technology company founded in 2014 that creates a software platform and applications for making buildings intelligent . Contrary to other startups that typically start their business in a garage or at the attic, we literally founded Lone Rooftop on top of a roof. The clear overview from a rooftop provides the opportunity to view buildings from a different perspective, and it is our mission to make buildings more efficient, sustainable and hospitable. 

Like our mission? We are quickly scaling up our team, so please have a look around and don't hesitate to contact us for any job openings. 

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It is our mission to optimise buildings in terms of efficiency, sustainability and hospitality. To achieve this we have developed P.I.E. - our Position Intelligence Engine. 

P.I.E. is a cloud-based platform that computes in real-time where people are located within buildings. P.I.E. connects with existing Wifi networks and any available sensors in buildings, and through sophisticated algorithms, delivers advanced statistics on occupancy and utilisation. These can be accessed through all kinds of applications, ranging from dedicated dashboards for Facility and Real-Estate Managers all the way to mobile apps for employees that allow them to quickly find the nearest available desk. P.I.E. exposes various API's for third-party developers, which are used for applications such as a SmartCleaning App that allows cleaners to skip unused areas. 


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Lone Rooftop HQ

B. Amsterdam


ABN AMRO uses PIE and various applications to optimise the utilisation of their main office buildings in Amsterdam. 

Wageningen UR

The scheduling team at Wageningen university can quickly identify no-shows and thus save valuable college space in the scheduling of their courses.

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